This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and is a snapshot of what I’m currently doing in my life.

I’m studying for my master degree in physics at Federico II University of Naples. Last year was shit because of the stay home order; my house is in a noisy setting and it’s hard to concentrate. I hope we’ll get back in person to the University.

I’m spending August learning Clojure. Now reading Clojure from the ground up. I was attracted to it by Roam Research and Athens Research.

Trying to keep it going forward and become better in this pandemic mess. I used to practice aikido but the dojo closed since the quarantine; during this time I exercise home with free-body exercises. Aikido was not just moving the body, it was settling the mind; to compensate for its absence, I’m meditating in the morning every few days. I’m using an app named Headspace to start the habit.

I’m enjoying this summer going to the sea, snorkeling, boat sailing or canoeing, helping friends renovate their houses.

I seem to have found the causes of my allergy: dust and sleep deprivation. I made the promise to go to bed early (before 23) and I can feel the change. I can breathe through my nose. I can break the rule every now and then by going to sleep late, but never more nights in a row, otherwise my body reacts to it. I found helpful to use ear plugs for loud noises and to care to change my bed sheets to reduce dust mites.

I’m watching Attack on Titan on my home theater with my younger brother.

Helping hand at Monachelle local community.

I’m setting up my Matrix home-server with bridges with a friend, so we can use just one app to message friends on different platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Reading about personal knowledge management. I enjoyed How to take smart notes, by Sönke Ahrens.

I’ve been using Linux for many years now. Although I’m not an expert, I might know some tricks to solve your problem. Also, if anyone would like to switch from another operating system, I know a handful of alternatives to proprietary apps. Ask away!

Bought a 3D printer, still figuring out how to fully make use of it.

Tried Dvorak because it was the right thing. Switched back. I need a machine configured to use Dvorak at the BIOS level; otherwise typing a password at boot becomes a nightmare.

Currently playing Red Dead Redemption II. I just finished the story; exploring and having fun online.